The Art Of Brian Haberlin

In the VERY near future, the first manned Mars Explorer mission, IGS Discovery, is fitted with new engines capable of faster than light travel. Saul Fredricks is the celebrity genius behind the breakthrough calculations that made it all possible. In one moment of brilliance he had surpassed the greatness of Einstein and the Apollo Mission. This is what the world believes...

But Saul has a dark secret. He’s not the great intellect everyone thinks he is. He accidentally—if correctly—interpreted a signal buried in the cosmic white noise recorded in the 1940s. The message contained the cumulative technological knowledge of an advanced alien civilization and a warning: “It is too late for us. Use our knowledge to flee your world. They are coming...”

Our chances were good had we deciphered the message back then, but now it’s too late. Captain William Forest and Discovery's true mission, known only to a secret few on Earth and her crew, is to find new technologies, allies and anything else to help us fight or flee the unknown force coming our way.

This near future sci-fi series combines the best of Star Trek masterfully threaded with the urgency of Gravity. It originally appeared as a monthly title from Image Comics. 300 pages are captured across two volumes (issues #1 to #5, and #6 to #10) for sci-fi fans who like a harder edge.